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Don't Lose Sight of the Importance of Your Vision

Get your vision checked out with eye exams at Opti-World Medical & Vision Center LLC. Our Decatur, Georgia-based eye care center also provides rehabilitation for those who experience vision loss.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

The comprehensive eye exams available at Opti-World Medical & Vision Center LLC involve checking how well you can see, how you use your eyes, and the state of your eye health. Part of the testing covers visual acuity to establish how well you see with your present prescription. We use the ophthalmoscope to examine the structures at the back of the dilated eye, including the vitreous humor, retina, macula, optic disc, and choroid. Advanced diagnostic testing may be performed if the doctor decides it is necessary. This exam also includes:

Tonometry | Blood Pressure Movement | Entrance Testing | Anterior Chamber Examination | Posterior Chamber Examination (Funduscopy)

Low Vision Rehabilitation

This service is suitable for the visually challenged patient who is not achieving the maximum visual ability or efficiency that they are capable of with conventional eyeglasses. These patients are usually severely affected by eye diseases ranging from macular degeneration to genetic disorders. This service is available by appointment. It takes time, and usually involves several visits. We provide rehabilitation for vision loss caused by:

Glaucoma | Macular Degeneration | Retina Diabetes | Cataract | Retina Surface Damage | Genetic Disorders | Brain Trauma